Every morning we wake up
With a feeling of disgust
Just another day
Of routines and rituals

Your diligence is awe-inspiring
I keep rolling restless in bed
As you calmly get ready
To set out for the usual business
Every day

And as you step out of that doorway
I turn my eyes to the windowpane
And entice the heavenly breeze
To play with my hair
Let me open my arms
To the warm embrace
Of the morning sun
Let me bathe in its crystal rays
And sanitize my sluggish body
Of its banal burdens,
Of punctuality

And when you retire
From your day’s work
To prepare for yet another one
I plan to wait and watch
For the star-studded night
To descend on earth
As the sleepy neighborhood
Rests senseless and silent
On its rugged foundations

I sit in my armchair
And contemplate
On my losses and my gains
I cannot adapt to your timetable
You will not change yours for mine
Our worlds are miles apart
We meet only at the thresholds
To say Hi and Goodbye

© Sadaf Munshi

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