Tonight, let me write!

Tonight, let me write!
Let me write 
With the burning flames 
Of youthful passion
Under the silver balm 
Of the crescent moon
Amidst the soothing fragrance 
Of the spring air —

Tonight, let me write!
Let me write 
Of the dark 
Dreadful sleepless nights,
Of the days bygone 
And the paths forsaken,
Of the one-way journeys 
To strange lands —

Tonight, let me write!
Let me write
Of the hopeful eyes
And the desperate souls,
Of the severed limbs,
And the silenced songs,
Of the rising suns
And the falling stars,
Of the broken bridges 
And the stifled voices,
Of the victims of humanity —

Tonight, let me write
Let me write Kashmir! 

© Sadaf Munshi

2 responses to “Tonight, let me write!”


    There was something in your picture and profile that held my attention. I ventured into your website where I discovered this gem. My greetings to you ! I would love to read more poems by you. And all this started from your reaction on my comment on the post of dear Avtar Mota ! Stay blessed.


    1. Thank you. I am glad you took the effort to search me up. Yes, I can share some of my other poems. A few are published on this site as well. If you go into the menu/categories, you can click on “poetry”.


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