A Man on the Street

I am driving 
To the doctor’s clinic
To fix my broken arm
Locomotives broom the busy road
A man is walking down the street
In sweltering heat
In his long black blazers
Sweating and smiling
Talking to himself
Or perhaps an invisible friend
Will somebody stop and ask him:
How are you doing today?
Are you in pain?

The streetlights have turned green
I move on
A few days later 
I see him again
Walking in cold rain
No overcoat, no jacket 
Nor even an umbrella
Sparsely dressed 
Shivering and shaking 
Talking to himself
In the same manner as before
As the locomotives pass by
And I move on to my destination.

© Sadaf Munshi.   

2 responses to “A Man on the Street”

  1. Your writing is very simple and elegant…Love the short poem…


  2. Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it.


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